About John K. Kawooya – Lehigh Valley, PA Photographer

John K. Kawooya is a professional scientist with a passion for large format photography.  His interest in photography started with a pinhole camera.   Later he acquired a single lens reflex (SLR) camera by which he taught himself landscape photography.   In addition, he visited galleries and studied the masterpieces of the great 20th century large format photographers, from which he drew inspiration. He was blown away by the high image resolution and depth of field that large format cameras can capture through careful, often repetitive tilts and swings of the front, and in some cases, rear standards.  Despite recent advances in  SLR’s coupled with  their ubiquitous digital sensors and in some cases tilting lenses, the images produced by these  small cameras do not possess the depth and perspective produced by large format cameras.   For this reason, large format cameras continue to hold a unique position among photographers who wish to create high quality images that are untenable with SLR’s   Therefore,  John transitioned from SLR’s cameras to  large format cameras. His work focuses primarily on landscape and architectural photography.

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